Intel's New GPU Control Panel Teased in Screenshot

Intel is amping up the publicity about its accessible detached GPUs and added able Gen11 dent GPUs with a alternation of amusing media teasers and reside events. The aggregation has boarded on a attack that it is calling The Odyssey, which will cover online communications as able-bodied as arena contest aimed at creating acquaintance a part of gamers and enthusiasts, and administering bazaar analysis that can be acclimated as articles and casework are getting developed. The latest atom of advice that Intel has appear is a video assuming locations of a new user interface for a GPU ascendancy panel.
The brain-teaser reveals the modern-looking UI of the tool, with an Intel logo and what appears to be a aftereffect for aeronautics to assorted subsections of the tool. These headers cover Display, Video, System, Support, and Preferences. We aswell get a bastard aiguille of how a user's amateur will be shown, acceptance users to abuse alone settings for them. The brain-teaser ends with the argument "Coming this month".
Nvidia's Ascendancy Console and GeForce Experience, and AMD's Radeon Settings GPU accoutrement about acquiesce users to abuse performance, amend firmware, set up profiles for specific games, and ascendancy appearance such as anatomy amount limiting, 3D output, and colour profiles. We can apprehend added to be appear soon, admitting Intel is acceptable to amplitude the action out to body hype.
Intel has promised to barrage a detached cartoon agenda in 2020, but its high-performance dent Gen11 GPU should activate extensive barter this year with the company's aboriginal 10nm CPUs that will address in volume. Intel's renewed cartoon accomplishment has been in the works for a while and acquired above absorption if the aggregation assassin AMD's above arch of graphics, Raja Koduri. Since then, Intel has aswell assassin AMD's chief dent architect Jim Keller as able-bodied as its PR arch Chris Hook, and aswell tech vlogger Chris Pirillo for the cartoon team.
Intel has aswell airtight up the aggregation of Hyderabad-based AI eyes startup Ineda. In an abnormal move, Intel afresh appear a blatant video online advancement industry professionals to administer for jobs in its cartoon division. The new accouterments will not alone ambition gamers, but aswell AI and big abstracts applications in abstracts centres.
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