About Barr & Prevost

Barr & Prevost was originally established as Barr Engineering, Inc., by President Andrew S. Barr, PhD, PE in 1992 after a successful twenty-year career with the Ohio Department of Transportation.  Mr. Barr founded the firm as a small, public works, structural and civil engineering design firm in Columbus, Ohio and grew the operation to three offices; serving municipalities and State DOT’s in Ohio and West Virginia, and cultivating a highly respected reputation for bridge design and bridge inspection services.  Under his direction, he earned several multi-year bridge inspection contracts including back-to-back five-year contracts for the Jennings Randolph Bridge in Hancock County, West Virginia. Over the term of his leadership, he established sound design practices and cost-effective business solutions.

In 2000, James Prevost, PE was hired as a Project Manager and Senior Bridge Engineer, bringing six years of construction experience from a reputable career with the Righter Company of Columbus, Ohio.  He quickly advanced to the role of Director of Engineering and eventually Firm Principal in 2004. Under Mr. Prevost’s leadership, Barr & Prevost has excelled at delivering cost-effective, constructable designs.  Mr. Prevost’s entrepreneurial spirit has propelled the firm from a small, civil engineering firm to a full-service transportation and architecture firm with clients spanning from private to public, and for projects ranging from one-day testing jobs to five-year, multi-firm, State DOT and Federal task order contracts. He has also grown the firm to employ more than 60 staff members operating in six locations including two  AASHTO accredited Testing Laboratories in Cleveland and Columbus, Ohio.

To augment our capabilities, Barr & Prevost acquired a successful, local geotechnical testing and drilling firm in 2007.  Through this transaction Enoch Chipukaizer became Barr & Prevost’s third Firm Principal and currently serves as Director of Geotechnical Operations.   Mr. Chipukaizer brings over twenty years of experience in the fields of geotechnical testing and drilling.  He actively serves in the laboratory and in the field and manages the Geotechnical and Materials Testing divisions.  Under his management, Mr. Chipukaizer has grown the Materials Testing Laboratory from a two-man operation primarily servicing concrete pours to a staff of more than ten testing technicians, drillers and construction inspectors performing geotechnical testing, concrete/asphalt/aggregate testing, geotechnical drilling and construction inspection.

Today, we continue to operate our Corporate Headquarters and AASHTO accredited Testing Laboratories in Cleveland and Columbus, Ohio with four additional office locations in Cincinnati and Cleveland, Ohio, Louisville, Kentucky and Parkersburg, West Virginia. We are pre-qualified in the states of Kentucky, Ohio and West Virginia to provide a wide range of transportation and architectural design services.  Barr & Prevost is certified as a DBE program participant with the States of Ohio, Kentucky and West Virginia and a certified SDB with the federal government.   We are proud to be a small business that has performed services for private clients and for public clients, from local to state to federal.  We look forward to future growth and expansion opportunities as we continue to provide quality services and deliverables for exciting new projects.